We’re hoping to start planning our next hackathon soon!

What’s a hackathon?
Over a 48 hour period, we take something from concept to launch. It’s not every weekend you get to meet interesting people and build something cool, is it?
Who can participate?
Anyone! I really do mean anyone! This event is open to the public. You don’t need to be a coder to participate! In fact, I think this would be a little boring if only coders showed up. We’d end up with some ugly impossible-to-use UI in Courier New and we’d have a difficult time explaining what it does to the masses.
That means we’re also looking for people that know graphic design, UI design, marketing, PR, business, law, etc. to come help out. We’re also looking for anyone simply curious to show up. Want to learn how to code? This could be a great time to do learn!
Isn’t hacking a bad thing?
The word hacking has got a bad rap. Originally hacking meant creating something cool. Somehow or another the mass media turned that into breaking into servers. We’re not doing that. We’re going to build something cool!

Past Hackathons

What did we build?
We held a vote online to help us answer what to build. The winner in most categories was an idea describing a marketplace application for matching customers to tutors and other local services. We’ll be building it as a web-app so that both desktop computers and phones can be used to access it.
Our plan was to focus on the tutoring aspect as way of honing in on the core features (and vision, and business plan and…) of the application to get to a basic package together with as many features (and accompanying artifacts like business-plans) as possible.
We ended up building Gitch.me! Check it out!
When did this happen?
We convened on Friday, April 28th, 2017 at 5pm and worked until Sunday, April 30th at 5pm.
Where did we do this?
The Wyoming Technology Business Center has graciously opened up their facilities for us to use that weekend (thanks Fred!). They’ve got showers, conference rooms, coffee making abilities, and internet we used throughout the event. (Oh, and they also had doughnuts.)
What did we build this in?
We used a combination of Ruby on Rails and Javascript to build the app.