What ARE Laramie’s “tech talks?”

Laramie’s evening techtalks are an informal networking and social get-together with a focus on technology. Meets occur twice per month, and are generally on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Check out our calendar for upcoming meeting times and locations!

What happens there?

The structure of the events takes one of two forms, alternating every other time:

  • The first Thursday of the month (usually) is an informal gathering for sharing ideas, solutions, experiences, and – optionally – a drink.
  • The second meeting of the month features a talk, presentation, demo, or workshop on something that’s related to programming, entrepreneurship, or technology. (For example, networking and 3-D printing are some presentation-topics we may see in the future.)

What’s happened so far?

We’ve covered a number of topics since starting and won’t list them all here, but a few examples:

  • Cheyenne Array School – a new school for technology and (web-)design
  • Freelance coding – pros, cons, and introductory tips
  • Laramie WTBC – what is it, what does it provide, and to whom?
  • Laramie 3-D Visualization Center – what’s there, and who can access it?
  • UW Makerspace – capabilities, rules for use, etc.
  • Running a startup – what’s it like? when to seek/accept investors?
  • Ruby on Rails – 90-minute crash-course

Where do these take place?

Techtalks occur in Laramie – typically at Altitude or Coal Creek Coffee (elsewhere on occasion). Venues are announced in advance via e-mail, Facebook, and Slack. You can also see where we’ll be meeting next under “Upcoming Events” to the right.

How can I hear more about what’s going on?

  • By signing up for our mailing list,
  • By following our Facebook page,
  • By joining our Meetup group,
  • By using any of the above to ask for an invite to our chat-channel on Slack.